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Retirement Plan

Retirement Planning

Retirement Plan

Your Retirement Plan is one of the most important decisions you can make.  The time is now and it is never too late to start.  Do not put it off.  You need to develop a retirement plan now. A retirement plan is a financial arrangement designed to replace employment income upon retirement. These plans may be set up by employers, insurance companies, trade unions, the government, or other institutions.

A secure, comfortable retirement plan is every worker’s dream. And now because we’re living longer, healthier lives, we can expect to spend more time in retirement than our parents and grandparents did.

Achieving the dream of a secure, comfortable retirement is much easier when you plan your finances.

The three major elements of your retirement portfolio are benefits from pensions, savings and investments, and Social Security benefits.

What Is The Best Age To Start Your Retirement Plan?

The answer is that there is no one “best age” for everyone and, ultimately, it is your choice. You should make an informed decision about when to apply for benefits based on your individual and family circumstances.

Accidents or unexpected changes in your circumstances can’t be ruled out, of course, so your final decision may be based on your “best guess” about your future.

This Plan Brings It All Together for Fool-Proof Investing

The Plan uses a time-tested and proven strategy that is at work today for millions of investors.

This course brings it all together in one place.

It shows you exactly what to do and how to do it.

Each step is outlined with the resources you need and examples of how it works.

You should be able to set up the Sleep Well Plan in under an hour — probably much less.

Once you have your plan set up, you only need to review it once a year.

That review will only take a few minutes and the Sleep Well Plan tells you exactly what to do.

You don’t have to worry about the stock market — is it up or down.

No guessing about when to buy and when to sell.

The Sleep Well Plan makes all the decisions for you.

It takes all the emotion out of investing and that’s a huge benefit.


Fairy Season – Trending Styles For You

fairy season

If you want really cute and trendy clothes, you want to see What Fairy Season has for you. Your smart shopping skills have led you to an amazing online shopping destination where you’ll find dresses, tops, pants and more! Fairy Season has a  commitment to provide a wide range of high quality and trendy fashion. Clothing at stunning factory direct prices along with a class-leading customer service experience to their worldwide community of customers.

fairy season

Up to 53% OFF + Free Shipping

Fairy Season provides popular garments for both individuals and wholesalers. They offer a whole catalog of products including clothing, shoes, accessories etc. Their long-term-cooperated & high-quality products providers decide that we have perfect wholesale process and service.

fairy season

With more than 10 years offline fashion branch experience and business connections, Fairy Season has blessed fashion trend finders and high quality product providers. This makes their online shop Fairy Season grow very rapid in short time. Now it’s very famous all over the world.

The Fairy Season team works with full passion and creativity. They value their relationship with everyone of their customers, so their professional customer service team is always available to help you. As they are constantly adding new products, all of their staff are fully trained in the latest trends and offerings.

fairy season

Look what they have for the Wine Lover…

And if you truly love wine, here is an

EXCLUSIVE OFFER for you here. 

fairy season

Fine Wines from DIRECT CELLARS are just a few clicks away!  Now you don’t even need to leave your home. They come right to your door.  And you get the benefit of amazing Experiences each and every glass! Direct Cellars handles the call from wine novices to wine enthusiasts with unbelievable Customer Service and something that is priceless – a reach and selection of fine wines – and offering a new selection each and every month. Get Access to Wines From Around The Globe (That you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise)

So now it is time to go update your closet with these awesome styles and don’t forget to check out the wine deal

Anxiety Free Child – Award Winning Program

Anxiety Free Child Program – Help Your Child With Anxiety Today! The Anxiety-Free Child Program is an award-winning and comprehensive system. Designed to quickly help your child overcome the anxious feelings. feelings that are holding them back from reaching their potential. Show them how to be the secure, confident, and HAPPY kids they were meant to be!

Don’t let your child’s anxiety continue to get in the way of the life they deserve. Learn how you can help your child BREAK the cycle of fear and take back the happy childhood they deserve!

anxiety free child

The award winning Anxiety Free Child Program was developed with Doctors of Clinical Psychology and other experts to give you the information and resources to help your child overcome their anxiety and restore their happiness and confidence. 

anxiety free child

You can help your child overcome their anxiety, worries, and fears.

By helping your child be anxiety free, their whole life can move quickly in a much more positive direction and change for the better. In the next few minutes, you’re going to learn how you can help your child feel more confident, secure in their own body and mind, and most of all, happy again by discovering how they can shatter the anxiety, nerves, and fear that may be holding them back.

Untreated anxiety can devastate the life of your child…

I’m a parent too, and I know there’s nothing worse than to see your child suffering with anxiety and feeling powerless to help them. Anxiety can rob your child of the life they deserve and were meant to have. One filled with joy, laughter, and fun. Left untreated, your child’s anxiety can lead to problems for them at school, with friends, with their self-esteem, and with their health. Said simply, it can steal their childhood.

Without help, children with anxiety often endure severe social problems, have poor school performance, physical illnesses, or depression. Their anxiety can continue to grow to the point where they seem to be constantly worried or fearful. Not having fun like children should be having. Children who struggle with anxiety are much more prone to becoming anxious adults that may struggle their whole lives with fear. As a matter of fact, research has shown that up to 90% of adults with anxiety disorders battled anxiety as a child. Problem anxiety can also predispose your child to other mental health problems and dangerous behaviors such as cutting, drug and alcohol abuse, or even suicide.

The good news is that your child doesn’t have to suffer needlessly with anxiety any longer…You can get back your anxiety free child.

anxiety free child

Does your child have a problem with anxiety?

Take a look at some common symptoms your child may be experiencing if they’re having a problem with their anxiety:

  • Unexplained physical symptoms such as headaches and stomachaches.
  • Being nervous, jittery, and hypersensitive.
  • Decreased school performance or a lack of concentration.
  • Avoidance of social activities or not wanting to spend as much time with friends.
  • Tics, nervous habits, or compulsive behavior such as nail biting or hair pulling.
  • Dangerous behaviors such as cutting or drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Excessive moodiness or outbursts of anger.
  • Persistent worry that seems unjustified for the situation.
  • Sleep changes or activity level changes.
  • School avoidance or refusal.
  • Being unusually or overly self-critical.
  • A high need for reassurance.
  • Outbursts of anger or oppositional behavior, even though you know in your heart they’re a good kid, they just have all this anxious energy coming out all wrong.

If you find yourself recognizing some of the symptoms above,  and you want to get your anxiety free child back. You owe it yourself and your child to keep reading to find out what gets your child anxious and keeps them that way.

What caused your child’s anxiety?

Maybe there’s a reason for your child’s anxiety that you can clearly identify like an illness or death in the family, divorce, arrival of a new sibling, or a move. However, often there’s NOTHING for you to point a finger at and you’re left wondering why they’re struggling with anxiety!

Is it genetics? Does their DNA doom them to life of anxiety and fear?

Is it the way someone in their life handles anxiety? What they may have accidentally taught your child about handling their emotions?

Is it the lifestyle your family leads? The world seems to move so fast lately. Mostly because everyone has so much piled on their plate.

Difficulties with anxiety in children is VERY common. Research has shown that as many as one in ten children experience an anxiety disorder. The important thing for you to remember is that no matter the reason for your child’s anxiety, it’s NOT YOUR FAULT.

Genetics may play a role and predispose certain children to problems with anxiety, and maybe looking back there’s things you would have done differently. But the problem your child is having with their anxiety is NOT a reflection on you or your parenting, and most importantly, it doesn’t have to be permanent. You CAN do something about it. YOU have the power and ability to help your child change their life.

If you have a child with anxiety, you really do owe it to yourself to get into this program and make it work for you and your child. The goal is to have a happy, healthy, anxiety free child….Right? 

Anxiety Free Child Program is the most effective, fastest, and easiest way to help your child overcome their anxiety.


Blogging With Rory Ricord

Blogging with Rory Ricord gives you freedom from the common workplace. Ever wanted to find out a real and true way to make extra money using the Internet? Maybe you have even tried (and most likely) failed at it already before.  Or maybe you are just looking to find that solution, and to do it with the dream of it being online.Blogging with Rory Ricord will make that happen. Being Able to Work from Just About Anywhere: The Coffee Shop, The Park, at Home, on the Road, or really, anywhere you could access the Internet.  With FREE Wifi available from any McDonalds to any Hotel, and everywhere in between… the World is your Workplace if you are working an Online Business!



How about being the Stay At Home Mom? One that is there and available for each day, each step, each assignment, each event and every challenge your kids may have, yet have the ability to make money while doing so. Working when the kids are in school, napping, or during that quiet time in the morning or just before bed. Blogging with Rory Ricord can help you achieve that very thing!!

Maybe you are underemployed and need to make that extra to get by, or to get ahead?

Are you living on Social Security, feeling like the bills are piling up and you have nothing left to enjoy? Looking for a way to learn and earn on the Internet – let Rory show you how.

Even if you are in a happy work environment, but know you need to make extra money… Link Post Blogging is a solution.

This is an amazing system, that offers you the following:

  • Work your Own Business From Anywhere (just need Internet Access and a worthwhile device, Computer, Tablet, Smartphone, Etc.)

  • You will be trained (for free) – ongoing through step by step processes that will allow you the ability to create more and more income through this Link Post Blogging method.

  • You will learn how to use Link Posting and Content to make money online through Blogging and everything that can be created through Blogging.  (Regardless of writing your own Content).  This is literally something anyone can do.  If you were able to get to this website, you have the skills already to make this work.

  • You will have an online business that can make you money all day, everyday.

Whether you want to Blog about your life or not (it doesn’t matter either way).  Link Post Blogging is a way to make money advertising online. With the methods that are proven to get traffic, get search traffic and get you PAID for doing so.  This isn’t about BLOGGING. This is about making money doing a valuable service that requires you to be able to follow instructions, and be teachable… It doesn’t need you to sale anything, talk to anyone, or handle any products ever.  Start here now…

 This could be you…

Link Post Blogging Guaranteed Way to make money through creating a single website that allows you to market literally anything.

With Rory – you will be shown exactly what to market, where to market, and how to make money right away.  Once you get started, you can immediately make money blogging. We show you and guide you through everything.

Work with Rory’s Staff to build up your Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly income Goals. There are no limits to the earning potential.  We will guide you all the way to make money blogging.

This is exactly what is available to you when you are Blogging with Rory Ricord – see it here

You’ll be able to be set up in just a couple days, and have a way to make money each and every day.  There will be a slight learning curve, and you will be assigned a personal Mentor to walk you through it.

Get started, and be able to turn on your Link Post Blogging Cash Machine by tomorrow… Start today to make money blogging.  Everything is ready to get you started…

Find out more hereBLOG WITH RORY 

Link Post Blogging:  Where you will be getting your own website that will turn into your own “Online Cash Machine” allowing you to make money all day, everyday from the action of web surfers all over the World.

Women’s Clothing

It’s that time of year again. Time to do some spring cleaning of your closet. You know what that means? Out with the old and in with the new. So here is a great place for really cute, trendy and affordable clothes.

When you want clothes for women, you just hit the JACKPOT for selection, affordable fashion and fun online shopping!  Let the Retail Therapy begin:



This site “Cupshe” is great for us women wherever you live. They ship their fine clothes, apparel and accessories virtually anywhere Globally.  Speaking of Global – Cupshe is so on top of culture and what is going on in fashion. Ways to be looking sharp for today’s hottest look.  Just be ready to save some money though – the prices are absolutely AWESOME!

Get the current “best offer” – and come back often as there is always a sale going on.  Need Retail Therapy (without breaking the budget) this site is my best friend!  

clothes for womenNew Arrivals:  See the newest arrivals, coming in all the time.  You’ll see all sorts of new items as you check in for your weekly, monthly (or some of us daily) retail therapy appointments.  The clothes for women here are seriously “something for everyone”.  Whatever your tastes, colors or design types are, you will be amazed at what is always coming into the New Arrivals for clothes for women here.

clothes for womenSwimwear:  We spend way too much time picking out that perfect swimsuit.  We know that the curves and shape of our bodies are so much under the spotlight.  In our quest for clothes for women, especially the swimwear decision can cause tears and frustration.  Here you will find such a wide variety in One-Piece, Floral Printing, High-Waisted Fit, Tank Tops, Halter, Solid Color and Crochet options for you to just be in happiness about.  Enjoy it here.

clothes for womenDress:  The Dress is essential when it comes to clothes for women.  The free feel, the easy flow of a well made, well designed dress.  See the selection of Maxi, Floral Printing, Slip Dress, Boho Printing Dress, Casual Dress, Mini, Bodycon Dress and Lace.  Amazing selection, all the time, with new designs coming in all the time.  And yes, the pricing is somewhat unbelievable, but the quality is excellent.  This is such a find!  Check out the Dress selection here now…

Autumn/Winter/Spring/Summer:  Whatever the current season, you will find the clothes for women that will help you look your best.  This is a stop worth making… check out the Seasonal Wonders.  Saying they are just clothes for women is an understatement.  These seasonal beauties are worth looking into – see what’s new this season.  Shop (get that Retail Therapy) here throughout the Seasons.  Besides, that ratted hoodie (though sentimental) does need a new friend!  See it here:

clothes for womenBest Seller:  When looking for clothes for women, we like to know what others like right?  What is everyone else buying, what are they wearing.  This section shows the Best Sellers, and because they are moving fast, the savings are also here.  Incredible deals, incredible items that are loved around the Globe.  When you look through the Best Sellers, you’ll know that your taste is right there with several others.  Impress – get it here:

Clothing:  While having a clothing category may seem redundant, looking for clothes for women has no need for limits.  Be able to pre-order hot new items coming soon, see a selection of Tops, Rompers (who doesn’t love a romper?), Plus Sizes, Skirts, Matching Sets, Pants, and our favorite:  “SALES!”.  This section is larger than you can realize.  Bask your eyes on the selection here:

Accessories:  When it comes to accessories, they are truly our necessities right?  You will find that they have so much to choose from, and the pricing is amazing (all the time I might add).  From Jewels, Sunglasses, Hats, Pouches, Socks & Tights, Scarves, Gifts, Phone Cases and Stationeries.  Just the thing to end the session of Retail Therapy on a high and happy note.  Lets Accessorize already – go here to begin!

clothes for womenClearance:  Be ready for amazing deals – get some amazing items for $5.99.  When they do a clearance sale, things are so good.  This is true Retail Therapy on a budget.  The items you can get for less than $50 is unbelievable.  This site ROCKS!  Retail Therapy is necessary, and when you are on a budget (or when you want to just see how amazing something you don’t need, but for $5.99 how can you say “NO”?) you will absolutely love this section of the site.

Gallery:  Out of respect I had to mention their Gallery Section… the photos of these women, all celebrating clothes for women is something that just makes you smile.  The clothes we wear, only help us to get through life in a better, happier manner.  Retail Therapy without a Gallery to reflect on is tragic… let’s keep away from tragedy.  Visit the Gallery – and share in the love affair we have with clothes for women.  And keep on smiling to get you through to the next Retail Therapy session.

clothes for women

Amazon Store-GSC Promotions

Welcome to GSC Promotions- AMAZON STORE

Our AMAZON store is dedicated to 100% satisfaction with our customers.  We have recently partnered with AMAZON to promote, advertise and sell their products to the public.  We are very excited about this opportunity as AMAZON is the premier leader in online sales.  Our store has reduced prices not available to the public until now.  You cannot find your products cheaper than you will find them here.

We have negotiated the best deal for us and our customers.  We have every product and service available on AMAZON at a reduced price.  Our AMAZON STORE is the first stop with your partnership with GSC Promotions and AMAZON.  Bookmark this page.  You will not find a better deal on the web.  Every product that AMAZON offers is available on this website at far less prices.   As we continues to build our partnership with AMAZON, all current and future offers will be found here.  Thank you for shopping with GSC Promotions.

Bikini's for sale- AMAZON STOREAttention Ladies… Time to get your summer on! I have just what you are looking for. See the fabulous selection of bikini’s. Plus, everything you need to get your summer vacation off and running.

Below is a link to AMAZON PRIME.  We highly recommend this service to our customers as your savings just in shipping will pay for itself.  You will also have advantages with building your music and movie collections within your account.

 Our favorite is watching the unlimited amount of free TV and movies available with your Prime account.  You purchase yourself an Internet TV and Buy ROKU.  Cancel your TV Service with a PRIME Account.  You need to check this out.  It’s simply the best service on the planet. Period.


GSC Promotions-Bikini’s

Summer is here ladies, time to get your bikini’s on and head into the sun. GSC Promotions has found the perfect place for you to get the latest in style and fashion at great prices.

Bikinis, but more than that, a lot more, wait till you see…


For the beach globetrotter, a lifestyle destination encompassing exotic travel, health and fitness, and swimwear culture.  The online boutique showcases a curated collection of one-of-a-kind swimwear and accessories from emerging designers.


 BIKINI.COM has the greatest selection of bikini’s set up for your personalized shopping experience. They give you options such as: Best Sellers, Designers, or you can just shop by the look you see. Additionally, they have the option of shopping according to your body type

Wait till you see THE WANDERLUST…What a great idea..

Inspire: Each of our themed boxes is inspired by our favorite exotic beach destinations around the world.

Explore: We set out with the goal to find new and upcoming style, beauty, fitness, and travel brands and then hand-pick our favorites.

Discover: No passport required! The Wanderlust will be delivered right to your doorstep, curated with must-have essentials for your upcoming destination.

Get the new edition of The Wanderlust: Bali

and transport yourself to Indonesia’s iconic island known for world-class yoga and surfing, miles of terraced rice paddies, and of course, the best beaches on earth.


Sail into sophistication under the azure skies of St. Tropez — a renowned beach city on the French Riviera.

Channel your inner zen surrounded by gentle seas; Bali is the epitome of spirituality and balance.

Bask in the decadence of The Hamptons — famous for ritzy summer weekends on the beach.

Free your inhibitions with the irresistible, electric rhythm that pulses through the vibrant beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

Truly your destination to an exciting shopping experience is right here…  


Favorite Photos

I have some favorite photos here that I wanted to share with folks. These were all taken by me. I was given a really nice Cannon for Christmas one year by my husband. He knows my secret wish to be a professional photographer, but we also know that it is just that.. a wish. I have over the years done some research and tried to learn all the ins and outs associated with the camera in just the basic functions. Let alone taking fantastic pictures. So here is my attempt at that. I will add as I go. Feel free to steal them, they are free for the taking if you do so desire.

This is the view across the road from me where I worked. 

This beautiful owl lives in my sisters tree. 

My attempt at some raindrops..

And of course the FANTASTIC sunsets of Arizona

favorite photosSome perspective..

Some natural beauty…

 These old pots are literally growing within this trumpet vine turned tree, from my neighbors yard.

This is PBar Ranch, my sister and her husbands family ranch.

 Taken during our time living in Salt Lake City.

Havasupai Falls taken while my husband worked on the Havasupai Reservation.

This Mountain is Steeple Rock. Located near my current home.

 This is the gorgeous Eagle Creek River, where we spend a lot of time fishing, swimming, and spend as much time there as we can.

Below are pictures out of my garden a few years back.


Desiderata by Max Ehrmann

Max Ehrmann’s inspirational poem – Desiderata

The common myth is that the Desiderata poem was found in a Baltimore church in 1692 and is centuries old, of unknown origin. Desiderata was in fact written around 1920 (although some say as early as 1906), and certainly copyrighted in 1927, by lawyer Max Ehrmann (1872-1945) based in Terre Haute, Indiana. The Desiderata myth began after Reverend Frederick Kates reproduced the Desiderata poem in a collection of inspirational works for his congregation in 1959 on church notepaper, headed: ‘The Old St Paul’s Church, Baltimore, AD 1692’ (the year the church was founded). Copies of the Desiderata page were circulated among friends, and the myth grew, accelerated particularly when a copy of the erroneously attributed Desiderata was found at the bedside of deceased Democratic politician Aidlai Stevenson in 1965.

Whatever the history of Desiderata, the Ehrmann’s prose is inspirational, and offers a simple positive credo for life.

DESIDERATA  has always been my go to for inspiration and to remind me how beautiful things really are. If you have never read it, enjoy and I hope that it will bring joy to your life also.


Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.

As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant, they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit.

If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of heroism. Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love, for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is perennial as the grass.

Take kindly to the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.

Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be, and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul.

With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.

Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.

Max Ehrmann c.1920




About Me

This “About Me”  page is for you to get to know all about me – the author. I hope that after you take a look at this page, you will come to understand who I am and where I come from. So I really hope you have just as much fun seeing what is in store for you here, as I have had in finding them in the first place!  New Stuff, and well cool stuff too. Thank you for stopping by and learning all about me.  Keep coming back for more.  I am here to make your life better.  Please feel free to email me, at any time, or you can go HERE, and to the right of the page you can register, once you register with GSC Promotions, you’ll be getting my email details and I will keep you up to date with new stuff and cool things found and available online all the time.

I am a country girl with deep hometown roots, a little bit gypsy, that has a hard time sitting still. BIG believer in the power of positive thought. A survivor, adventurer, sometimes a risk taker. I love music of all kinds, dogs of all kinds (special place for the dachshund though).

Being outdoors, doing just about anything is where I prefer to be. I am nostalgic for day’s gone by, a believer in a holistic body and mind. Always curious to learn more. Willing to help anyone with anything for nothing. If you work hard it will pay off.

I believe sheer will and determination can and will get you through anything. I know if you love and laugh more you cry less. My favorite thing to say is “it is what it is”.

I come from a long line of copper miners and farmers. Below in the video you can see how the mine, now owned by Freeport Mcmoran, has changed over the last 30+ years.

meet the author                                  meet the author

More about me: I was raised on an alfalfa farm in Sheldon( coincidentally where I live again now 30 years later). 25 miles from where I was born in Morenci, Arizona – home of the 3rd largest copper mine in the world. Grew up and went to school in a very small town, known to few, Duncan. I have two older sisters, Kathy who is 13 years older than me and the middle sister Laurie is 8 years older, which leaves me as the baby.

meet the author Me, Laurie, Kathy

meet the author Kathy, Laurie, Me

My parents divorced when I turned 12 and caused me to eventually move in with my sister Kathy at 14. Soon I was living on my own at 16, and at 17 my mom was killed by a drunk driver in a head on collision. That is right at the same time I became pregnant with my first child. My dad became ill with mesothelioma from the mining for 30+ years and by the time I was 21 he was in hospice, my sisters and I were taking care of him at home, all while my sister Laurie and I were both at least 6 months pregnant. Her with her first and me with my second. My moms death was very difficult, mostly because she was gone so suddenly and she and I weren’t on the best of terms. Dads difficult also but in a very different way due to that he was gone just 3 short years after mom (he never stopped loving her) but what seemed a lifetime of suffering for him. That left me and my sisters and our babies..divorced at this point so there were a couple of ex husbands in there too for us sisters, but mostly just the sisters. Somewhere in between everything I reconnected with my best friend of 30 years Les. Who by the way grew up down the road from me. Prior to that he was off jumping out of airplanes for the Army in the 82nd airborne for 6 years.

meet the author


I married Les years later, 2 sons Jake 25, Taylor 22 and 1 daughter Emily 16, who I must brag is in her 2nd semester of college. Yes I am equally proud of my sons but again she is 16. Pretty amazing if I do say.

I became pregnant with our son Thomas Wyatt, our 4th child, in 2003. During a routine check up at 24 weeks, to find out boy or girl, we found out a lot more…he suffered from Anencephaly and there was nothing they could do. Anencephaly is a defect in the formation of a baby’s neural tube during development. A baby born with anencephaly might be stillborn or survive only a few hours to a few days after birth.We lost him shortly after birth, a memory which to this day haunts me. I still miss him greatly. As with anything else though life carries on.


meet the author meet the authormeet the author                                                                                meet the author

meet the author

My best little buddy “Pepper”, my mini dachshund, who I lost recently after 8 years.

meet the author 


meet the author

And then we have Skeeter.. he is our rare “aussie-doxie”.  My little Pepper was his father, his mother was a full size Australian Shepard, Border Collie…yes it’s rare but it does happen.

meet the author

My latest addition is “Frankie” ..found him abandoned in a junk pile near my home, not long after I lost Pepper.

meet the author


I had the pleasure of working in the medical field for many years, which allowed me the chance to help people in need, I spent some time as a real estate agent but realized I preferred the medical aspect of service and really helping people. I stumbled upon a new job and a new experience taking care of a beautiful woman who has traumatic brain injury. The story is amazing, unbelievable and ongoing to this day. She has since moved away and so as my free spirit kicks in once again I find myself searching for something new.

So as you can see it’s almost as if i am an empty nester, who is looking for fun and new ways to fill my time. I am fortunate that my partner in crime has a job that affords me the opportunity to do what I love to do, not what I have to do. Someday we would like to have him home full time with me too. We have also started the daunting, but exciting new task of building our dream home.


meet the author


meet the author

This is where we have downsized to…and yes it was on purpose. We have been on our 5 acres for 2 years now and we are slowly building the property up, with the end result living in a new house we build on a hill overlooking a beautiful landscape.

meet the authormeet the author

It just waits for us to build on… but meanwhile the views are amazing!!

meet the author

meet the author                                                    meet the author

 Another fun fact about me is that I come from a pretty interesting small community that many people have never heard of. We do have some interesting stories to tell and a few famous people too. The Phelps Dodge Copper mine strike in 1983.

Geronimo spent some time in our famous jail house in the mountain.

meet the author

meet the author


meet the author

Legend has it he broke out, and escaped through that small hole.

The “100 year” flood also in 1983, that almost wiped out everything.

meet the authormeet the author


We are also known for Justice Sandra Day O’connor who was born and raised here.

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Latest addition had been Troy Olsen, our own country and western superstar.

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Family… that is what I love the most:

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